Almost all of us have gone through financial difficulties and the pain that comes with it is often unbearable.

Over 42 million consumers have one or more inaccuracies on their credit records.

Some inaccuracies on your reports are so sizeable they can stop people from renting apartments, purchasing homes, or landing certain jobs...
and all for something they didn't do.

You've Got This!

"The Do it Yourself Credit Improvement Book that Will Help You and Your Family to Take Control of Finances. A Fundamental Step-by-Step Program Built to Empower You."

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It starts with being organized. You don't need a home office, or even a file cabinet; some decorative boxes with labels or an accordion-fold file case will do just fine.

"The scores and histories you've established not only dictate how much you can borrow or the interest rates you'll pay, but also if you can borrow anything at all."

David Sumner

Credit scores, you don't give much thought, until you need to utilize your credit for the first time.

You won't just need it for those preapproved-by-mail credit cards everyone gets on their 18th birthdays, but rather, the milestone purchases most of us look forward to for decades, like your first new car, or a home.

Don't be a victim and take full control of your financials now.

The Do It Yourself Coursebook was designed to walk you through the necessary steps to clean up your credit reports and to help improve your credit scores with the credit bureaus.

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